Who is FrenchBob?


Name : FrenchBob

Age : Younger Than Yesterday

Profession : The Gifting Superhero

Summary : Self employed, joyfully Jumpy, uber cool dude whose main activity is to save the world from gifting confusion in a magically hectic manner while delivering million dollar smiles.

Education : Graduated in technical gift giving.Diamond Medalist.



1. Chief Gifting officer(CGO), FrenchBob.com

World’s first Gifting Superhero

Personally delivered millions of gift boxes

Designed and enhanced world’s fastest same day gift delivery service.

2. Personal Gift Consultant

Saving about 3000 gift finding hours annually



1. Great Entertainer (Center of attraction in every party I attend)

2. Fair Judger (Rest assured you can rely on my gift suggestions)

3. Excellent Time Manager (Proven track record of 99% on time deliveries)


Favorite One Liners:

1. Well here I am! What are your other two wishes?

2. Follow your heart, but take my brain with you! ;-)

Recommended by : Santa Claus



I promise to go the extra mile to surprise you.